Robi Flexi Plan How to Use Robi My Plan! Allows Robi customers to form own internet, voice & SMS pack. currently, you have got the liberty to settle on your web volume, voice & SMS in conjunction with the validity of your own personalized pack.

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Robi any customer will create own internet pack, minute, SMS bundle pack and the customer will select the package validity as needed.

You can additionally check what you’ll do (approximate) thereupon quantity of quota, its value activates the put on the fly.


Robi Flexi Plan, How to Use Robi My Plan

There is 2 way to use Robi my plan, number 1 web version, and the number 2 smartphone application.

Enjoy My Plan Robi (Flexi Plan) Web Version:

  • You need an internet connection.
  • Click the linked web.robimyplan(Robi My Plan Official Website)
  • After that, you need to login own number.
  • Enter your Robi number.
  • Verified your number with the given OTP.
  • Then click verify.
  • Now you can create your customization offer with Robi MyPlan.
  • Please follow the below screenshot.
Robi Flexi Plan
Robi Flexi Plan Official Website/ Robi MyPlan Login
Robi Flexi Plan Official Website/ Robi MyPlan Dashboard

Enjoy My Plan Robi (Flexi Plan) Application:

  • Simply Download Robi MyPlan your mobile from google play store.
  • Select internet data, voice min, SMS & validity as per your alternative. you’ll be able to bear down on additionally manually input any quantity as per your necessities.
  • Check the tariff for the customized pack.
  • Click “Purchase” button to the customer the pack directly.
  • You will get a confirmation SMS on pack activation.

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