Grameenphone All Important Service Codes Here! Bangladesh most of the individual’s adoption biggest mobile operator/ telecommunications company Grameenphone, its, summarise name is GP.

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These days I share the critical code for Grameenphone customers. I hope to assist the article with all Grameenphone users as a result of the laws that got to daily.

Therefore keep amused see the below for your cooperative codes all the codes valid and update I checked one by one, but I can’t say the future because of GP able to make a change at any time.

Grameenphone All Important Service Codes List below:

How To Get GP Emergency Balance?

How To Check GP 4G Support SIM and Mobile?

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How To Get GP Emergency Internet Balance?

  • To get GP emergency balance simply dial *121*3021# (12MB internet loan @ Tk 5 (validity 3 days)
  • To check GP loan data remaining balance customer dial *121*1*4#

GP Internet Service Code?

  • Check internet remaining volume data, Code: *121*1*4# Or *566*10#
  • To buy any internet package, Dial: *121*3#
  • You can off GP internet pack, Dial: *121*3042#

How To Activate GP Call Waiting?

  • To Start call waiting for service dial, Code: *43#
  • To Stop call waiting service dial, Code: #43#

How To Turn Off Grameenphone Promotional SMS?

  • To stop GP promotional SMS just dial, (Toll-free) *121*1101# (after dialing this code you don’t receive any offer/promotional SMS from GP)

How To On/Off Miss Call Alert Service?

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  • To activate miss call alert service merely Type> START MCA and send it to 6222.
  • To Stop/Cancel miss call alert service merely Type> STOP MCA and send it to 6222.
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  3. GP Bioscope Pack, Bioscope Prime Offer 2022
  4. GP Bondho SIM Offer 2022, Inactive Sim Offer

How To GP Call Divert?

  • GP call diverts Activation code, Dial: *21*FucasNumber#
  • GP all call diverts Deactivation code #21#

How To Off GP Incoming Call?

  • To off GP incoming call / On barring incoming call, Code:*35*0000#
  • To On GP incoming call /off all barring incoming call, Code: #35*0000#

GP Outgoing Call Off:

  • Grameenphone outgoing call Off/ On barring outgoing call, Code:*33*0000#
  • GP Barring outgoing call Off, Code: #33*0000#

GP Package, Offer, Call Me Back, Call Drop Codes?

  • To Migrate any package, Dial: *111*44#
  • Your available offer check code, Dial: *444#
  • GP emergency call request Call Me Back, Dial *123*TargetNumber#
  • To Check call drop balance, Dial: *566*21#

How to Check Grameenphone SIM Number?

  • To check GP Own SIM number, Dial: *2#

GP All Balance Check Codes?

  • GP minute check code, Dial: *1000*2# Or *121*4*3# Or *121*1*2#
  • Check GP main balance, Code: *566#
  • Show GP SMS Remaining, Dial: *566*2#
  • GP minute balance code, Dial: *566*20#
  • Other Operators BDT, Code: *566*15#
  • WelcomeTune Balance, Code: *566*3#
  • International SMS Code, Dial: *566*12#

Grameenphone Customer Care Number?

  • GP complain number. (Toll-Free) Call: 158
  • Grameenphone help center number. Call:121, 1211 (after received by charging BDT 0.50 /minute)
  • GP customer care number from other operators. Call: 01711594594
  • WelcomeTune Service Code. (Toll-Free) Dial: 24000

Note: if any code doesn’t work or if you need any system of service, please let me know, I will try to add your request code to this post (if available)

Thanks for the reading Grameenphone All Important Service Codes, If you received avail from the post, please share this post on Facebook and leave a investigate comment box.

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