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The has published accurate news, and updates, Bangladesh mobile sim company has changed the SIM Replacement system.

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The Gramophone sim replacement price is Tk.200. the price has been updated in running the year 2023, every customer who upgrades/replacement the GP sim you have to pay BDT.200.

If you replace your sim card you can’t need any kind of document, but the sim owner must collect the sim by using a biometric / fingerprint system.

Please make sure your sim card biometric registration only the person whose name is SIM registered can do SIM replacement.

Company NameReplacement Price

Grameenphone SIM Replacement 2023


Grameenphone Limited (GP) provides online and offline both sim replacement service online sim replacement services available in Dhaka city.

The Grameenphone SIM Replacement offer is Free sim replace GP STAR customer. Another customer can pay per sim upgrade BDT. 200

  • GP user needs to keep the NID number or NID Copy (what he/she used to buy this SIM)
  • The customer’s fingerprint must be matched for SIM replacement and the customer has to fill up a replacement form during delivery.
  • Done.

Robi Axiata Limited SIM Replacement


Robi Axiata Limited’s sim replacement offer is a 7GB bonus for every sim replacement, just wit 48 hours, and get this amazing profit. You learn more about this offer by Click Here.

Before the Robi sim card update 4G/ replacement you need some information, Robi SIM Replacement price is Tk.200

The customer will provide the following documents or information to our agent to change the SIM:

  • National Identity Card Information
  • Fingerprint
  • The cost of the sim replacement

Banglalink SIM Replacement Details


Banglalink sim replacement is Free for some customers you can check this process to know if this offer is eligible for you or not.  type “Free4G” and send an SMS to 2500. Full Details Here

Before the Banglalink sim card update 4G/ replacement you need some information, Banglalink SIM Replacement price is Tk.200

You Need

  • NID Number/ NID Copy
  • Fingerprint

Airtel SIM Replacement Information


Airtel sim replacement offer is available for everyone after the sim up-gradation customer will get 7GB bonus internet data volume for more details Airtel SIM Replacement Click here

Airtel and Robi requirements are also similar because Airtel is under Robi Limited.

A customer will provide the following documents or information to the Banglalink agent/ care point to replace the SIM:

What you need to do to upgrade your 2G / 3G SIM to 4G SIM:

  • You need to go to your nearest Airtel service center or any biometric retail point and provide your National Identity Card number and date of birth.
  • SIM replacement fee is 200 Taka
  • If a customer has registered SIM without National Identity Card, he/she will have to provide a photocopy of his / her valid photo ID.

Teletalk SIM Replacement Price


Teletalk is a great sim card, Teletalk SIM Replacement Price is BDT. 150, if you have 3G old sim card you can update your 3G sim to 4G sim cars without any charge or replacement. if want to get these tips just Follow This Post.

Teletalk sim replacement documents need.

  • NID / Smart card/number or photocopy.
  • Must be a fingerprint.
  • Fee.

Teletalk SIM Replacement Info


Skitto is a Grameenphone sub-brand, every step is the same with Grameenphone limited. Skitto SIM Replacement Price is Tk.200

Skitto Free delivery in Dhaka city, and Chattogram.

To Replace/change your old sim card go to the nearest service point or any biometric retail point, if need any help just comment with us.

Thank You.

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  1. amr phone churi hoye gese .sim tah replacement korbo kintu akta problem sim tah kar nam a chilo seta vule gesi .kono vabe jodi sim er malik er nam jante partam tahole sei lok tah k niye ese sim tah replacement korte partam.asole amar nid card hoi ni boro vai ra sim kine dei kintu kon vai shudhu nam tah jante parle ami amar sim tah back petam.01303483318

    1. আপনার সমস্যার কথা শুনে সত্যি খুব খারাপ লাগছে.
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      আরো বিস্তারিত তথ্যের জন্য আপনি আমাদের ফেসবুক মেসেঞ্জারে এসএমএস করুন।