Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer 2022 – All Low Price Package! Teletalk internet offer, Teletalk Bornomala internet package, Just wow… The government operated mobile operator Teletalk has started very cheap rate internet pack and voice minute call rate.

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Teletalk has published the very lowest rate internet pack for Bornomala SIM, which means you will enjoy a cheap rate call rate and internet package.

How to Check Teletalk Bornomala Internet Balance

It’s very sample and more easy to check, simply dial *152# to get all internet balance.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Package
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1 GB @ 24 Taka (validity 7 days)
1 GB @ 46 Taka (validity 30 days)
2 GB @ 83 Taka (validity 30 days)
3 GB @ 62 Taka (valid 10 days)
5 GB @ 96 Taka (validity 15 days)
10 GB @ 186 (valid for 30 days)

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer 2022 Details:

Below are the Teletalk Bornomalal SIM internet packages:
Teletalk Bornomalal Internet Offer 2022 Here:

1 GBTk.247 Days*111*611#
1 GBTk.4630 Days*111*612#
2 GBTk.8330 days*111*613#
3 GBTk.6210 days*111*614#
5 GBTk.9615 days*111*615#
10 GBTk.18630 days*111*616#
  • Only Teletalk Bornomalal sim user can enjoy this offer.
  • To check internet balance dial *152#
  • Multiple time purchase this internet offer.
  • SD, VAT, Included the price.

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