Teletalk Agami Internet Package List 2023! Teletalk internet package, Right now Teletalk provides a very cheap rate Internet package for Teletalk Agami and Bornomala SIM users.

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We always expect good offers from Teletalk, and now our dream has been fulfilled. We can honestly say, Teletalk’s internet offer is the best internet offer in 2023.

This post is about Teletalk Agami SIM New Internet Offer, Agami sim is a special student gift sim card.


1GB@Tk.22 (7D) *111*600#
1GB@Tk.45 (30D) *111*601#
2GB@Tk.81 (30D) *111*602#
4GB@Tk.55 (10D) *111*603#
5GB@Tk.91 (15D) *111*605#
10GB@Tk.177 (30D) *111*610#

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Teletalk Agami Internet Package 2023 (All Data Offer Pack List) Details:

1GBTk.227 Days*111*600#
1GBTk.4530 Days*111*601#
2GBTk.8130 days*111*602#
4GBTk.5510 days*111*603#
5GBTk.9115 days*111*605#
10GBTk.17730 days*111*610#

What is the Agami SIM?
Agami sim card Teletalk provides for SSC GPA 5 Students! Teletalk Agami SIM is not for sale, It will be distributed among GPA 5 students.

Here are all internet packages mentioned in Teletalk ‘Agami’ SIM

Teletalk Agami Internet Package 2023 Terms:

  • Unused data will be carried forward if the same data package is availed before the expiration of the existing data pack (bonus data won’t be carried forward).
  • The recharge amount stated in the Activation column will automatically activate the corresponding data pack.
  • After the expiration of the availed data package, the pay-per-use policy will be applied. The pay-per-use data rate is 15 KB/01Paisa
  • To check the usage of the volume bundled package write ‘u’ and send an SMS to 111 to know the balance dial *152#

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