Airtel All Minute Pack Offer 2021 – Exclusive Update Bundle

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Airtel All Minute Pack Offer 2021 – Exclusive Update Bundle! Talking on mobile with people when needed, is now commonplace, but reducing the cost of talking minutes can greatly benefit people.

The Airtel company updated all minutes/voice bundle package offers, and we update this post recently, so please check Airtel all minute offer 2021 from our list.

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So today we brought all the minute bundle packages for Airtel users of Bangladesh, A customer can easily purchase and use all of Airtel‘s minute offers.

It is possible to reduce the cost of talking on the phone using a single minute package otherwise, it will not be possible. Airtel All Minute Pack Offer 2021 fully updated post.

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Airtel talk-time, voice, minute, bundle offer package offer will help every Airtel sim card user, if you are Airtel Bangladesh user just following our post.

banglalink-minute-pack (new)

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Self Care Bundle @ 8 Tk Self Care Bundle @ 8 Tk Enjoy 12 Minutes and 10 SMS for 12 Hours. Best and mini bundle started at Tk.6 by 10 minutes any local number for 2 days.

Airtel All Minute Pack Offer 2021 – Airtel Minutes Bundle Package List:

Just select your perfect Airtel minute bundle package form our given listing, we share Airtel all minute package.

Airtel Minute Bundle Offer: (Mini Pack)

PriceDetails OfferValidityActive Code
Tk.610 Minutes2 Days*121*06#
Tk.812 Minutes12 Hours*0*1#
Tk.914 Min, 16 SMS24 HoursScratch card
Tk.10.9616 Min, 19 SMS24 Hours*121*302#
Tk.1422 Minutes16 Hours*121*014# 
Tk.1828 Minutes24 Hours*121*18#
Tk.2335 Minutes2 Days*123*23#
Tk.2845 Minutes2 Days*121*28#
Tk.3435 Min, 500MB3 Days Recharge
Tk.4670 Minutes7 Days*123*46#
Tk.5385 Minutes7 Days*121*53#

Airtel Minute Bundle Offer: (Medium Pack)

PriceDetails OfferValidityActive Code
Tk.74115 Minutes7 Days*0*6#
Tk.93150 Min+ 400MB7 Days*0*7#
Tk.97160 Minutes7 Days*121*97#
Tk.981.5gb, 50 Min, 50 SMS7 Days*123*098#
Tk.107175 Minutes15 Days*123*0107#
Tk.115185 Minutes10 Days*121*115#
Tk.118190 Minutes10 Days*121*0118#
Tk.149230 Min, 250 SMS, 1GB30 Days*123*149#
Tk.198120 Min, 2GB (CB Tk.20)30 Day*123*198#
Tk.199325 Minutes30 Day*121*0199#
Tk.207340 Minutes30 Day*121*0207#
Tk.228370 Min, 800 SMS, 500MB 4G30 DaysRecharge
Tk.278450 Min, 1GB30 Days*123*278#

Airtel Minute Bundle Offer: (High Pack)

PriceDetails OfferValidityActive Code
Tk.349570 Min, 1GB30 Days*123*349#
Tk.488800 Minutes30 DaysRecharge
Tk.499775 Min, 3GB30 Days *123*499# 
Tk.574950 Min, 800 SMS, 2GB30 Days*123*574#

Airtel All Minute Pack Offer 2021 Terms:

  • Airtel all subscribers can enjoy this minute bundle package.
  • To check your remaining minute balance dial *778*0#
  • Dial *778*6# to check SMS balance.
  • Remaining data balance status *8444*88#, or *3# Bonus checking code *778*6666#
  • All minutes bundle can use any local number.
  • During the time period, 24 hours a minute can be used day and night.
  • Airtel authorities reserve the right to change the package at any time.
  • Selected price Included all VAT, SD

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