Banglalink All SMS Pack Any Operator (BL to Any) Exclusive Update

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Banglalink All SMS Pack Any Operator (BL to Any)! Friends, Banglalink’s SMS packs are completely new and update 2019, Banglalink has already published three new SMS bundle packages. These SMS bundles are applicable to any operator.

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Banglalink All SMS Pack Any Operator (BL to Any) Exclusive Update 1

Banglalink bundle packages can be used in the long term. These SMS bundle packages are valid for three types, #1 bundle package expires 30 days, #2 bundle 15 days and the #last bundle package expires 7 days.

Banglalink’s use can send a message to any operator at the lowest price by buying the Banglalink SMS bundle.


We think that if you have more messaging with someone, then you should buy a Banglalink SMS pack.

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Only 3Tk Banglalink 30 SMS Pack: Validity is 3 days, to activate just dial the code *1100*9*4*1#.


Tk.7 Banglalink 70 SMS Pack: Validity is 7 days (1 week), to activate just dial the code *1100*9*3*1#.

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200 SMS [email protected]Tk.15: Validity is 15 days, to activate this SMS pack simply dial *1100*9*2*1#.

Banglalink’s new and very exclusive SMS package has published, now a more powerful SMS bundle offer in OfferBuild. The new SMS pack is 100 SMS is the price BDT.5 Active code *222*8#

More Powerful SMS Pack Is Coming Soon, Please Stay Connected with Us.

Tk.30 BL 500 SMS Bundle Pack: Duration is 30 days if you want to activate this SMS pack just dial *1100*9*1*1#.

Banglalink All SMS Pack Any Operator (BL to Any) Details:

Tk.5100 On-Net1 Day*222*8#
Tk.3050030 Days*1100*9*1*1#
Tk.1520015 Days*1100*9*2*1#
Tk.7707 Days*1100*9*3*1#
Tk.3303 Days*1100*9*4*1#

100 on-net SMS Bundle, Price Tk. 5 ( Including all charges), validity 1 day with activation date. To buy one time please dial *222*8#, To deactivate dial *222*9#.

  • All prepaid and Call & Control customers are eligible for these offers
  • Dial *124*17# or *124*33# to check your SMS balance.
  • Once pack validity expires, unused minutes/SMS/internet cannot be used anymore.
  • SMS can use any local operator.
  • 24 hours can use.
  • Exclusive SMS offer stoping code *222*9#
  • Limited time offer.
  • SD, VAT, Included they price.

Source: Banglalink

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    • Hi, Nahid! Banglalink SMS offer code already updates kore diyechi. amra kokhono-e chaina amader user ke hoyrani korte. Thanks Bro…

  1. Apnader SMS er dam onek high

    Robi te jodi 10tki 500sms 15takay 1000sms meyad 30din any number dite pare tahole apnara ki kren dui diner vitre apnader sma bundle er dam kmaben nahole amra onnora robi ba gpi use korbo.

  2. ami almost 7years dhore aktana sms kinteci. but ai ber apnader bisoy ta te ami hotash holam. 200sms kinte j price ta niccen ta ager theke 3gun besi taka… so sad!!

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