Airtel Facebook Pack! Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of social media. Not only do we spend time here but we also need to use social media to stay connected with friends.

In today’s article, we will share Airtel’s popular and special social media internet packs Stay tuned.

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Bangladesh BTRC Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has banned the use of popular social media Facebook for free.

Now if you want to use Facebook, you must buy and use any internet package, otherwise, you can’t use free Facebook in any way, but in today’s post,

We came up with some nice Facebook packages that can be bought for the lowest amount of money.


YouTube Pack for Airtel users, any social internet package here, just scroll this page to know full information Airtel Facebook Pack or Airtel social package.

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Airtel Facebook Pack, List of Social Internet Offer (Special)

Tk.121GBFB, Instagram15 DAYS*123*012#
Tk.753GBYouTube07 DAYS*212*728#
Tk.6100MBYouTube03 DAYS*212*717#
Tk.25500MBFacebook30 DAYS*212*721#
Tk.803GBFacebook30 DAYS*212*721#
Tk.552GBFacebook30 DAYS*212*721#
Tk.853GBFacebook30 DAYS*212*717#
Tk.4GBYouTube30 DAYS*212*7766#

Note: All the mentioned social media internet packages are collected from the customer’s SMS box so it is not a regular offer. Some customers may not get offers.

Airtel Facebook Pack Trams:

  • To check the internet balance dial *3#
  • Airtel all subscriber can get this offer (if received SMS)
  • If you find a more updated internet offer Click Here.

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