Banglalink Minute Pack Offer 2022 (All BL Min Bundle)! Bangladeshi mobile operator Bangalink publishes multiple new minute bundle packages on their website. Minute packages are 515 minutes, 340 minutes, 235 minutes, 165 minutes, 80 minutes, and 24 minutes.

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After increasing the rate of mobile tariff mentioned in this year’s budget, mobile operator companies are charging additional services, including their respective internet packages and minute bundle packages.

However, the price of the new bundle package of Banglalink and the usage of minute bundle packages, activation code, and the remaining minutes of the minute bundle package will be shared with all its activities including the codes.

Banglalink has given the total number of minutes bundle packages, all of which are mentioned here you can buy monthly, weekly, and one-day bundle packages.

19Tk.12*121*12#2 Days
28Tk.17*121*17#2 Days
45Tk.27*121*27#3 Days
55Tk.55*121*37#4 Days
90Tk.57*121*57#7 Days
120Tk.77*121*74#7 Days
Tk.9152 DAYS*166*209#
Tk.6101 DAY*166*206#

515 minutes Banglalink minute bundle package can be talked about any operator of the country. This package will be charged Tk.297 with validity of 30 days. To purchase this pack, Banglalink customers need to dial the code *166*297#

The new bundle package of Banglalink 340 minutes price Tk.197, can be used for 30 days for any operator. To buy this BL minute bundle dial *166*197#

235 minutes voice bundle price is Tk. 137 and validity 30 days, the min can use any mobile operator in Bangladesh. dia *166*137# for purchase.

Banglalink minute bundle package for 15 days, 165 minutes only Tk.97, the package can be valid for 15 days, any local number use allows, dial *166*97# buy the bundle.

Banglalink 80 minutes weekly bundle package price will be Tk.47, any operator can be used, validity is 7 days. The activation code is *166*47#


It is the smallest minute bundle package in Banglalink, 24 minutes to talk to any local number for 14 Taka, duration 24 hours after the package is activated, dial for activation *1100*4#

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The first two minutes of the Banglalink bundle package is cost more than 57 Paisa per minute, and the remaining four bundle packs a little more than 58 Paisa per minute.

The specified Internet packages are completely new and official, For your convenience, mention the above-mentioned Banglalink minute bundle offer 2022 as the table mentioned below.

Banglalink Minute Pack Offer 2022- List of All Bundle Offer (All Bundle Here) In Table:

Price TkMinutesValidityActive Code
Tk.14723030 Days*166*147#
Tk.15725030 Days*121*157#
Tk.29746030 Days*166*297#
Tk.20734030 Days*121*207#
Tk.30751030 Days*121*307#
Tk.19730030 Days*166*197#
Tk.13723530 Days*166*137#
Tk.9715515 Days *166*97#
Tk.1071757 Days*166*175#
Offer DetailsPriceDialValidity
48 Min, 150MBTk.38*166*38#7 Days
95 Min, 0.5GB, 10 SMSTk.88*166*88#7 Days
150 Min, 1GB, 30 SMSTk.188*166*188#30 Days
280 Min, 2GB, 30 SMSTk.288*166*288#30 Days
490 Min, 4GB, 30 SMSTk.488*166*488#30 Days

Banglalink New Minute Bundle Package Offer 2022 Terms:

  • To check the balance of the bundle minutes dial *124*100#
  • Bundle minutes are applicable for any local number.
  • It can be used for 24 hours.
  • The abducted minutes can’t be used after the bundle minutes expire.
  • The maximum validity will be applicable after the purchase of the same minute pack and will be connected to the previous minutes.
  • Limited time offers applicable.
  • These bundles are applicable for all prepaid and call and control customers.

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