Buy Robi Point Internet Packs Using Points!
Robi lately launches a good amazing internet package list for Robi point users, a Robi point subscriber can purchase a free internet package from this page.

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Just use Robi points to get listed Robi free internet offer, If you have enough Robi points get a nice internet package.

Robi has come up with some interesting data packs as a gift for its customers. Enjoy your favorite data pack for free by redeeming points.

Enjoy the pack of your choice by dialing the USSD code below.

List of Robi Point Internet Packs for #Prepaid Customer

Data PackRequired PointsUSSD Code
50MB 3 Days350*1213*2*4*1*1*1#
200 MB 3 Days600*1213*2*4*1*2*1#
300MB 3 Days700*1213*2*4*1*3*1#
500MB 3 Days1,200*1213*2*4*1*4*1#
1.5GB 3 Days2,000*1213*2*4*1*5*1#
2GB 3 Days3,000*1213*2*4*1*6*1#
7GB 3 Days6,000*1213*2*4*1*7*1#
800MB 7 Days2,500*1213*2*4*1*8*1#
1GB 7 Days3,500*1213*2*4*1*9*1#
5GB 7 Days7,000*1213*2*4*1*10*1#
6GB 7 Days10,000*1213*2*4*1*11*1#
1GB 30 Days12,000*1213*2*4*1*12*1#
5GB 30 Days18,000*1213*2*4*1*13*1#

Robi gift some amazing internet volume packages for all Robi subscribers, just use your Robi point.

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Robi Point Internet Packs for #Postpaid Customers

DATARequired PointsDial Code
50MB 3 Days350*1213*2*4*2*1*1#
200 MB 3 Days600*1213*2*4*2*2*1#
300MB 3 Days700*1213*2*4*2*3*1#
500MB 3 Days1,200*1213*2*4*2*4*1#
1.5GB 3 Days2,000*1213*2*4*2*5*1#
2GB 3 Days3,000*1213*2*4*2*6*1#
7GB 3 Days6,000*1213*2*4*2*7*1#
800MB 7 Days2,500*1213*2*4*2*8*1#
1GB 7 Days3,500*1213*2*4*2*9*1#
5GB 7 Days7,000*1213*2*4*2*10*1#
6GB 7 Days10,000*1213*2*4*2*11*1#
1GB 30 Days12,000*1213*2*4*2*12*1#
5GB 30 Days18,000*1213*2*4*2*13*1#

 Buy Robi Point Internet Packs Using Points Condition

  • To opt-in to Robi Point, dial *1213*2*2#
  • You must have at least Tk.200 (tax included) usage in the previous month to redeem the offer with your points balance.
  • Points will expire within 12 months.
  • Points will expire if users do not redeem any points in the last 3 months
  • Points may take up to 24 hours to be added to your balance.
  • Dial *3# to check the data balance.

Source: Robi

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