Banglalink Internet Pack Offer, BL All Internet Offer 2021

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Banglalink Internet Pack Offer, BL All Internet Offer 2021! Bangladesh good mobile sim service provider is Banglalink (BL), Banglalink published all internet pack offer list in 2021.

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The updated Banglaink internet pack is very good and powerful, just see the full article to get all BL internet package offer list.

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If you are Banglaink regular user you can easily purchase every internet packages from our given list.

You will find all the internet packages of Banglalink in this article. You will find out how to activate Internet packages, this article will be updated regularly.

So no matter what time you browse, you will find all the Banglalink internet offers here.

What is the Banglalink Internet Pack Offer 2021?

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The Banglalink internet pack offer is regular data package, any Banglalink customer can enjoy this offer packages.

What is the dial code of Banglalink internet data package?

If you purchase the Banglalink internet volume by USSD code just dial the code *5000#

We will give you all regular and purchasable Banglalink internet pack offers, regular means it’s not a specific or special customer.

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Banglalink Internet Pack Offer, BL All Internet Offer 2021 Details:

List Of Banglalink Basic/Low-Cost Internet Package 2021

Tk.1375MB4 DAYS*5000*543#
Tk.17200MB3 DAYS*5000*14#
Tk.26150MB7 DAYS*5000*522#
Tk.361GB4 DAYS*5000*36#
Tk.411.2GB4 DAYS*5000*41#
Tk.42500MB7 DAYS *5000*588#
Tk.492GB4 DAYS*5000*49#
Tk.582.5GB4 DAYS *5000*58#
Tk.643GB4 DAYS*5000*64#
Tk.761GB7 DAYS*5000*76#
Tk.892GB5 DAYS*5000*516#
Tk.991.5GB7 DAYS*5000*799#

List Of Banglalink Medium Internet Package 2021

Banglalink Internet Pack Offer_2020 very recent
Tk.1083GB7 DAYS*5000*108#
Tk.1191.2GB30 DAYS*5000*503#
Tk.12920GB7 DAYS*5000*577#
Tk.14922GB7 DAYS*5000*149#
Tk.16925GB7 DAYS*5000*169#
Tk.19918GB4 DAYS*5000*199#
Tk.2092GB30 DAYS*5000*581#
Tk.2493GB30 DAYS*5000*249#
Tk.2996GB30 DAYS*5000*299#
Tk.39940GB30 DAYS*5000*599#

List Of Banglalink High-Quality Internet Package 2021

Tk.49918GB30 DAYS*5000*508#
Tk.69945GB30 DAYS*5000*699#
Tk.99955GB30 DAYS*5000*999#

You can purchase any internet volume from here as per the requirement of all the internet packages shared by Banglalink in this article.

How to turn on auto-renewal in Banglalink SIM?

1) Simply dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on auto-renewal.

2) To turn on auto-renewal, type “renew on vol” and send the SMS to 5000

How to turn off internet auto-renewal in BL SIM?

1) Just dial the code *5000*566# and with 2 to turn off auto-renewal.

2) To turn off auto-renewal, type “renew off vol” and send the SMS to 5000

  • To check your remaining data volume just dial *5000*500#
  • All internet package including all taxes.
  • Banglalink internet menu code is *5000#
  • This is an official offer.

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