Teletalk Internet Offer 2022 (All Pack)! In the new year, state-owned mobile operator Teletalk brings affordable internet packages. Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar inaugurated the package in the capital’s auditorium on Sunday.

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On the occasion of the Bengali New Year, Teletalk has announced 1GB 27 Taka, the validity of 7 days. 1GB for 30 [email protected] 49. 2 GB 30 days at Tk93. 3 GB at 44 Taka, validity 3 days. 3 GB 66 Taka, validity 10 days. 10 GB 97 Taka, validity 10 days and 10 GB of 97 Taka


Mostafa Jabbar highlighted the need for internet accessibility and expenditure protection to reach the benefit of IT in all the sectors of the country.

Teletalk Internet Offer 2022 Exclusive

Tk.271GB7 Days*111*611#
Tk.443GB5 Days*111*44#
Tk.491GB30 Days*111*49#
Tk.663GB10 Days*111*66#
Tk.932GB30 Days*111*93#
Tk.9710GB10 Days*111*97#
Tk.19825GB10 Days*111*198#
Tk.34430GB30 Days*111*344#
Teletalk Internet Offer, Exclusive Offer

Bangladesh has established a milestone of success in information technology. In the last ten years, Bangladesh has set an example in the world.

All Teletalk’s new Internet offers package and activation code, Bangla new year’s new internet package of Teletalk opens. All Internet Packages in Teletalk 2022.

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Teletalk Internet Offer 2022 (All Pack)

Teletalk any customer can enjoy this internet offer, this a the regular data package

Tk.9100MB3 Days*111*501#
Tk.333GB3 Days*111*33#
Tk.26500MB7 Days*111*503#
Tk.391.5GB10 Days*111*513#
Tk.783.5GB10 Days*111*511#
Tk.1393GB30 Days*111*531#
Tk.2015GB30 Days*111*532#
Tk.3918GB   30 Days*111*533#
Tk.30110GB30 Days*111*550#
Tk.49820GB30 Days*111*552#
Tk.64930GB30 Days*111*553#
Tk.84945GB30 Days*111*554#
  • These packages are available for any prepaid and postpaid customers of Teletalk.
  • Recharge exactly the given amount.
  • The Price is including all taxes.
  • To check data balance dial *152#
  • Write the shortcode in the SMS option and send it to 111.
  • This offer has modified in 2022.
  • The package will continue until the next notice.

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