The bank transfer system has updated bKash limited, Agrani bank to bKash money transfer mode is so easy just follow our article to get how to transfer Taka Agrani bank limited to bKash limited.

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The life of the customers of Agrani Bank will be easier this time. Once you add your leading bank account to the bKash app, you can withdraw money from the bank to bKash at any time or deposit money from bKash.

Please make sure the bKash customer and the bank account holder must be the same person. National identity card, date of birth, bank account number, phone number given to the bank, and phone number of bKash account should be the same otherwise, Agrani Bank To bKash system will not work.

There is no fee for add money Agrani bank account to the bKash mobile account. But the customer has to pay a 1% fee for the transfer money bKash mobile account to the Agrani bank account.

Agrani bank to bKash money Transfer can be brought 2nd time a day (maximum Tk. 20,000 per time) and 25% of the usable balance of Agrani Bank Account can be transacted.

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Agrani Bank To bKash Offer Details:

  • If you bring Tk.500 or more from Agrani Bank for the first time in bKash, you will get Tk.100 cashback!
  • Agrani Bank bKash cashback offer will exped next notice.
  • A customer will receive a cashback once during the offer.
  • The bKash user will get cashback only if they add money with the bKash app.

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