bKash Cash Out Charge Set Priyo Agent Number! bKash is the most popular and number one mobile banking service provider in Bangladesh, bKash limited published a new opportunity for personal use as a cash-out charge,

bKash provide BDT 14.90 per thousand cash-out charges until the cash out is 25,000 Taka to any Priyo agent number.

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If you enjoy this facility you must be set up the Priyo agent number, the cash-out transaction will be Tk 14.90 up to 25 thousand Taka.

After this BDT 25,000 limit, 1.85% charge will be applicable, cash out can be up to a maximum of Tk 25,000 per month charge Tk 14.90 per thousand on an agent number.

This bKash initiative will be of great benefit to the customers who cash out around Tk 20,000-25,000 per month, but it will not be beneficial at all for those who do a lot of transactions.

How to Set bKash Priyo Agent Number

A customer can easily add their bKash Priyo Agent Number from their bKash app or by dialing *247# code

Set bKash Priyo Agent Number by bKash App

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Set bKash Priyo Agent Number by bKash USSD Menu code *247#

However, the negative side is that if you cash out from the bKash app earlier, you would have saved more than one taka per thousand, but after making this offer, now that offer is no more, that is, if you cash out one or dial, the same charge will be levied.

bKash Cash Out Charge Set Priyo Agent Number

  • A bKash customer can set any agent number as their Priy agent number.
  • A Customer can cash out 1.49% (Tk.14.90) charge from Priyo agent number.
  • Up to Tk 25,000 per month will be applicable for Priyo agent number as low cost
  • If the limit of Tk. 25,000 is exceeded, 1.85% charge will be applicable for any agent number


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