Hi, today we going to discuss “BRAC Bank Swift Code” Swift is a means of making important transactions of the bank, Through this, the bank sends a message of repayment of various debts, the LC will give the message. There are separate codes for each bank.

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No swift messages have been duplicated so far. Especially it is used on international cable media.

In addition, banks also use this code to exchange messages with each other. Bangladesh BRAC Bank Swift Code is BRAKBDDH

This method is considered safe transactions. Because these codes are encrypted (symbolic signals) when transmitting both parties.

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BRAC Bank Swift Code [Dhaka & Others]

BankSwift CodeCity

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The Swift code consists of 8 or 11 arrays. When the 8-digit code is given, the first four digits of the initial bank or office. The following are the names and cities of the country.

Source: BRAC Bank

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