Fitra Bangladesh

Fitra is the most Important Ebaadat in the month of Ramadan, Zakat al Fitr is called: The charity distributed by fasting people to the poor and needy on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

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Fitra Wajib Person: Sadaqatul Fitr is wajib for every independent Muslim with a surplus wealth of daily necessities (house, clothes, car, etc.) on the day of Eid.

What is the lowest Taka (Fitra 2023)

The Bangladeshi Taka 115 is the lowest amount of Fitra per person, and the maximum amount of Fitrah per person is BDT.2,640

Fitra Bangladesh 2023 Calculation

Product NameQuantityThe price of Fitrah
Atta1KG 650gTk.115
Barley3KG 300gTk.396
Kishmish3KG 300gTk.1,650
Khejur3KG 300gTk.1,980
Paneer3KG 300gTk.2,640
Who will give this Fitra?

Fitra money or food can be given to poor, distressed, helpless, and needy people.

You can give this amount to Orphans / Helpless, Religious Institutions, and Madrasas, May Allah reward you well.

Fitra Bangladesh 2023 Minimum & Maximum (Tk.115)

Fitra Bangladesh 2023 Minimum & Maximum Tk

Source: Bangladesh Islamic Foundation

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