Iftar and Shahri Time Bangladesh 2019

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Iftar and Shahri Time Bangladesh 2019! Ramadan calendar 2019, Bangladesh Islamic Foundation has released the schedule of Dhaka Sehri and Iftar time 2019.

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The Ramadan 2019 will start in Bangladesh on 6 May Monday, First Ramadan is dependent on seeing the moon.

Ramadan is the month of worship for the Muslims, This month, Allah has given special mercy to His servants.

Bangladesh Muslim Ummah Holy Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated at 5 June 2019. So the last day of Ramadan is June 4, 2019.

1Sun 06 May03:59 AM6:30 PM
2Mon 07 May03:58 AM6:30 PM
3Tue 08 May03:57 AM6:31 PM
4Wed 09 May03:56 AM6:31 PM
5Thu 10 May03:56 AM6:32 PM
6Fri 11 May03:55 AM6:32 PM
7Sat 12 May03:54 AM6:33 PM
8Sun 13 May03:53 AM6:33 PM
9Mon 14 May03:53 AM6:34 PM
10Tue 15 May03:52 AM6:34 PM
11Wed 16 May03:51 AM6:35 PM
12Thu 17 May03:51 AM6:35 PM
13Fri 18 May03:50 AM6:36 PM
14Sat 19 May03:50 AM6:36 PM
15Sun 20 May03:49 AM6:37 PM
16Mon 21 May03:48 AM6:37 PM
17Tue 22 May03:48 AM6:38 PM
18Wed 23 May03:47 AM6:38 PM
19Thu 24 May03:47 AM6:39 PM
20Fri 25 May03:46 AM6:39 PM
21Sat 26 May03:46 AM6:40 PM
22Sun 27 May03:46 AM6:40 PM
23Mon 28 May03:45 AM6:40 PM
24Tue 29 May03:45 AM6:41 PM
25Wed 30 May03:45 AM6:41 PM
26Thu 31 May03:44 AM6:42 PM
27Fri 01 June03:44 AM6:42 PM
28Sat 02 June03:44 AM6:43 PM
29Sun 03 June03:43 AM6:43 PM
30Mon 04 June03:43 AM6:44 PM
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Iftar and Shahri Time Bangladesh 2019 Dhaka Ramadan Calendar:

Designer: Suja Uddin

Download Full HD Iftar and Shahri Time 2019

Iftar and Shahri Time Out Side Dhaka

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