Nagad Account Open Self Registration! Nagad is the Digital Financial Services, the Nagad is a new mobile banking service operated by the government. How to open Nagad mobile banking service account.

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If you were able to open an account at home, how would it be?
Digital KYC has brought cash for that. Now you can open the room through the Nagad app Nagad account free.

Nagad Account Open (Self Registration)

First time Bangladesh start the self registration system Nagad, it’s very easy to create your account.

Self creates Nagad account by your Nagad application. Just follow three steps to open the Nogod account at home.

Nagad will bring more interesting features in the future, so open the account today.


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Nagad Account Open at Home by App Video:

  • Download Nagad App from Play Store.
  • Follow App instructions:
    • 1. Select your National Identity card ( NID) type
    • 2. Upload both sides of your National Identity Card ( NID)
    • 3. Take a selfie
    • 4. Read terms and condition
    • 5. Provide your signature

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