How To Reset Nagad Pin (Pin Locked Problem)!
Bangladesh’s top raking mobile banking organization name is Nagad Financial, It,s growing very fast, and many people like Bangladesh Nagad mobile banking service.

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If you forget your Nagad PIN, you can reset your pin code/password in just a sample step.

Dear, Nagad customer, don’t worry please follow our instructions to recover your Nagad pin, Nagad pin must be needed to complete any transaction.

My Nagad Pin is Locked, What do I do?

If you enter the wrong PIN more than once then you will have a PIN lock problem. And all you have to do is reset the PIN.

How To Reset Nagad Pin?

To reset your Nagad pin just follow our sample step…

Step 1:- Dial *167# (Nagad USSD Code)

Step 2:- Now Select 8 & Press Ok

Step 3:- Now enter your NID/ Smart Card Number (you must provide the account opened NID)

Step 4:- Now select your birth year (you must provide the account opened NID birth year)

Step 5:- If you have any transactions within 90 days then select “YES

Step 6:-If you have any transactions, please select the type of transaction you have done (from the last 10 transactions) and enter the amount

Step 7:- If your given information is correct, you will receive an SMS. (SMS validity 4 hours)

Step 8:- Now set a new pin, Done.

Note: Use 4 digit numeric PIN, and avoid using a common PIN (Like, 1234, 1122, etc)

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Nagad Pin Reset Trams & Condtion

  • Your information must be 100% valid
  • If you entered any invalid data Nagad can’t accept your pin reset request
  • Nagad self-pin rest option will be locked after 5 consecutive failed attempts.
  • The “Forgot PIN” instructions link is available in Nagad app.
  • Please call 16167 or 096 096 16167 to get more support
What is the Nagad Pin Reset Link?

The link to Nagad pin reset

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