EBL Aqua Card, Eastern Bank Prepaid MasterCard Full Info! One of the most popular modern banks in Bangladesh is Eastern Bank Limited with a card that allows the people of Bangladesh to use a dual currency

i.e. Bangladeshi Taka and USD Dollars and with EBL Aqua MasterCard all types of foreign payments including Facebook Bosting, Google Ads can be made.

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What is the Charge EBL Aqua Prepaid Card?

It is a common question that how much does it cost to EBL Bank’s EBL Prepaid MasterCard? If you want to use EBL Bank’s Aqua Prepaid Card, you have to pay a charge of Tk. 575

EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card is an EMV chip card, bundled with lots of benefits. This will ensure more security, convenience and flexibility to spend every day with your single card.

You can get this card from any EBL branch without any account. You can also reload money whenever needed.

Eastern Bank Prepaid MasterCard Requirement Documents:
  • Must be a Bangladeshi national
  • Minimum 18 years of age

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  • Valid National identity card (NID)
  • Update 2 passport size image.
  • A valid passport is mandatory for the approval of international transactions.
  • Complete the EBL Prepaid Card application form.
  • Completed KYC Form
  • EBL Aqua Card Application fee BDT 575/-

EBL Aqua Card, Eastern Bank Prepaid MasterCard Main Features:

  • Support dual currency BDT & USD
  • Everything control by EBL SKYBANKING.
  • International and local shopping
  • Cash withdrawal from any EBL ATM (Free)
  • Easy to Reloading (Free)
  • Get Transaction Alert to your mobile SMS.
  • No need for any┬ábank account.

You can get a ready card, call before going to any branch to get Ready EBL Aqua MasterCard. EBL Help Line_16230

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