FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022 (Qatar) BD Time

Today we share the FIFA World Cup Schedule 2026!
There are around 140 days left until the start of this year’s FIFA World Cup, known as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. The 32 teams for the 2026 World Cup have already been decided.

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This popular football game has taken place in the minds of millions of people around the world. Five years after the start of the FIFA World Cup brings a storm of joy.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Start Date?

The first match of FIFA World Cup 2026 will start on —

FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022

When is the 2026 FIFA World Cup Final Match?

The FIFA World Cup final match will start on —-

2026 World Cup Full Schedule:

21-Nov-22Qatar vs Ecuador4:00 PM
21-Nov-22England vs Iran7:00 PM
21-Nov-22Senegal vs Netherlands10:00 PM
22-Nov-22USA vs Wales/Scotland/Ukraine1:00 AM
22-Nov-22Denmark vs Tunisia4:00 PM
22-Nov-22France vs UAE/Australia/Peru7:00 PM
22-Nov-22Mexico vs Poland10:00 PM
23-Nov-22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia1:00 AM
24-Nov-22Morocco vs Croatia1:00 AM
23-Nov-22Belgium vs Canada7:00 PM
23-Nov-22Germany vs Japan10:00 PM
23-Nov-22Spain vs Costa Rica/New Zealand4:00 PM
24-Nov-22Uruguay vs South Korea4:00 PM
24-Nov-22Portugal vs Ghana7:00 PM
24-Nov-22Switzerland vs Cameroon10:00 PM
25-Nov-22Brazil vs Serbia1:00 AM

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26-Nov-22Netherlands vs Ecuador1:00 AM
25-Nov-22Qatar vs Senegal7:00 PM
25-Nov-22Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs Iran10:00 PM
25-Nov-22England vs USA4:00 PM
26-Nov-22Poland vs Saudi Arabia4:00 PM
26-Nov-22Argentina vs Mexico7:00 PM
26-Nov-22Tunisia vs UAE/Australia/Peru10:00 PM
27-Nov-22France vs Denmark1:00 AM
28-Nov-22Japan vs Costa Rica/New Zealand1:00 AM
27-Nov-22Spain vs Germany7:00 PM
27-Nov-22Croatia vs Canada10:00 PM
27-Nov-22Belgium vs Morocco4:00 PM
28-Nov-22Cameroon vs Serbia4:00 PM
28-Nov-22Brazil vs Switzerland7:00 PM
28-Nov-22South Korea vs Ghana10:00 PM
29-Nov-22Portugal vs Uruguay1:00 AM
30-Nov-22Iran vs USA1:00 AM
29-Nov-22Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs England7:00 PM
29-Nov-22Ecuador vs Senegal10:00 PM
29-Nov-22Netherlands vs Qatar4:00 PM
30-Nov-22UAE/Australia/Peru vs Denmark4:00 PM
30-Nov-22Tunisia vs France7:00 PM
30-Nov-22Saudi Arabia vs Mexico10:00 PM
01-Dec-22Poland vs Argentina1:00 AM
02-Dec-22Canada vs Morocco1:00 AM
01-Dec-22Croatia vs Belgium7:00 PM
01-Dec-22Costa Rica/New Zealand vs Germany10:00 PM
01-Dec-22Japan vs Spain4:00 PM
02-Dec-22Ghana vs Uruguay4:00 PM
02-Dec-22South Korea vs Portugal7:00 PM
02-Dec-22Serbia vs Switzerland10:00 PM
03-Dec-22Cameroon vs Brazil1:00 AM
FIFA World Cup 2026 Second Round
03-Dec-221A vs 2B9:00 PM
04-Dec-221C vs 2D1:00 AM
05-Dec-221B vs 2A1:00 AM
04-Dec-221D vs 2C9:00 PM
05-Dec-221E vs 2F9:00 PM
06-Dec-221G vs 2H1:00 AM
06-Dec-221F vs 2E9:00 PM
07-Dec-221H vs 2G1:00 AM

FIFA World Cup 2026 Finals Match Schedule

10-Dec-22W49 vs W501:00 AM
09-Dec-22W53 vs W549:00 PM
11-Dec-22W51 vs W521:00 AM
10-Dec-22W55 vs W569:00 PM

FIFA World Cup 2026 Semi-Finals

14-Dec-22W57 vs W581:00 AM
15-Dec-22W59 vs W601:00 AM

FIFA World Cup 2026 Third Place Match

6317-Dec-22L61 vs L629:00 PM

FIFA World Cup 2026 Final Match

6418-Dec-22W61 vs W629:00 PMLusail Stadium

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